Nice 1st day of winter track

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Lamely hilarious)

Had 9 kids show up for the beginning of winter track today, which doesn't sound like many, but actually isn't bad when you think that this did not include any of our distance crew (starting next Monday), our football players (mandated 2 weeks off), our throwers, the kids that just didn't get word that we were starting (that's my fault), and our many athletes that are in basketball, wrestling, swimming, or cheerleading. Members of these groups will trickle in as we move on--look forward to it.

Had some kids show up today that I expected to be there, as well as some kids that I had no idea would be there. Among the attendees were two foreign exchange students, and with all the success we had with Eric Nilsson last year I am very happy they joined us. Good showing of coaches today also with myself, Coach Cronin, Coach Kuhn, and Coach Martinez. Coach Pfeiffer, whom I'm still pressing to coach, also made an appearance.

Those that attended got to experience a workout by our new sprints coach, Coach Cronin. Cronin is different then what this team is used to, and I am sure that as long as you, the athlete, are open to new methods you will greatly benefit. Today a lot of good form stuff was covered, something that will cause incredible gains if made a focusing factor.

If you missed today you missed many lessons, but perhaps the most important are the following two:
  1. Bring layers...we will be outside nearly everyday. I would recommend 3 layers--tights (top & bottom), t-shirt & shorts, and jacket & sweats. At minimum have sweats. 
  2. Eat and drink during the day...news flash: your metabolism is maybe as high as it will ever be for the rest of your life. You know what this means? You can eat a lot of stuff (good and bad) and it will have almost all positive effects. Take advantage of. I'm not telling you to chug milkshakes and slam chimichangas everyday, but teens will be served well by eating good food and a lot of it.  Eat during the day, and eat a lot. When training 4-5 days a week like you are it will turn into good stuff.  If you eat well, you will feel better. If you feel good, you will perform well. If you perform well, you will be incredibly satisfied. Eat, eat, eat. Also, of course, drink water. I think your generation understands how important water is, all that you need is the occasional reminder. Drink water.
Can't wait until tomorrow.

Coach Nack


Winter track meeting

Wednesday November 9 @3pm
Library computer lab

We will be having a short meeting to discuss our plans for winter track which will be getting started very shortly but there are no firm dates as of yet. Please be on time, as this will be a very short 10 minute meeting. We look forward to starting this year off right by starting earlier than we ever have before, in November.

Coach Nack


Well, I'm back

Five months since my last post. Going to be back more regularly soon.

Looking to start our Sabercat winter track program soon. I am currently looking for more coaches to help facilitate training for both winter and spring seasons. Hopefully we can get winter track going starting Nov 14th.

For now enjoy this great post on running from the New York Times.
Photo courtney of The Lulu