How's your shoes?

Well, it's summer and many of the readers of this blog should be getting some good running in. I know the distance crew is; Coach Kuhn told me he had nearly 50 kids show up for Cross Country conditioning on the first day. I am even getting into some running myself. I downloaded the Adidas MiCoach app onto my iPhone and have been running 25-40min runs. Speeds aren't too impressive, but it's getting better everyday.

Anyways, I ran into this great article on Lifehacker today. Do you know how important your running shoes are? You probably don't because you're a silly teenager, but, dude, they are super important! Check out the infographic below and then go read the article.

Coach Nack


Summer Training

Before we get started: I am looking for groups of athletes (graduated seniors or not) that may want to do some running workouts that may aid in GPP training. If you are interested in hard, but fun workouts where you get to see new and interesting places and meet new and interesting people please email me on my school account which is R followed by a D and then my last name (Whitenack) at dcsdk12 dot org.
Graduated seniors--you may now tune out

I stopped by the CV weightroom today and saw plenty of track athletes in there preparing for their upcoming seasons. Ryan F, Tanner T, Nick V, Zach C, Parker S, Taylor S, Kylee D, Morgan M, Brendan S, Doug J, Erik T amongst others were working out in the 95 degree weightroom, or outside on the 85 degree field. I am not delusional enough to think that many (or any) of these people were training for 2013's track season. They were most likely training for whatever sport they have coming up in the Fall and/or Winter. What's important is that they were there. It was great to see so many athletes there on the first day from a variety of sports, but one thing I did not see was a ton of our female track athletes (I could be mistaken, but I am pretty sure the 2 I listed were the only 2 there). First of all, I would love to see an upswing in all athletes (male or female; track or non-track) at these morning Summer workouts. Ladies (and Gentlemen), your attendance will make the sessions a lot better, and you will get better by attending them.

Here is the info.
Who: You. Dummy :)
What: CV Summer conditioning
When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday during a variety of sessions (I recommend the Sessions in the following order 2, 3, 1, 4)
Where: CV weightroom/turf
The summer is time for something called General Physical Preparation, or GPP. When in a GPP training cycle the idea is to take on a ton of work that lacks specificity. The goal is to make you a stronger, more resilient athlete with a larger skill set, so that when your coach (in whatever sport) wants to make you a better athlete in the sport you are playing they can do it easier. Basically, to draw a recreational game metaphor, a coach wants you to be like the game Jenga and not a jigsaw puzzle. Think about it: when putting together a jigsaw puzzle you have to put all the pieces together from scratch with little but boundary pieces to guide you (I know, I know, some people use the picture on the cover of the box, but those slack jaws are filthy stinkin' cheaters); however, Jenga is different because the mold of the game is provided for you. In Jenga all the pieces (a well-trained athlete) are provided and the builder (the coach) has to move some pieces around to meet the demands of competition while not allowing the system to lose its' balance. So basically, on the first day of practice if you show up with a few extra pounds, not a semblance of muscle on your frame, and with an inability to complete the warm-up you are a jigsaw puzzle--you must be built from square one, and you may not realize your maximum potential by season's end. But, if you are the one showing up with a set of legs ready and able to do the workout, arms and core that can do at least 20 push-ups, and maybe a bicep muscle or abdominal pack peaking out every now-and-again, well, then, you my friend are Jenga.

Be Jenga

Print and fill out these forms and submit to Coach McHenry.



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