Broomfield Shootout Line-ups

Below are the line-ups for Saturday as we currently have them. Some of these are presuming that you, the athlete, will get your 3rd practice of the week in tomorrow (we'll scratch the athlete/event if the third practice is not reached). We have some new blood in some new positions. We are really interested in seeing what you guys can do. If last year is any indication, this is a quality competitive meet--see the results for yourself. Be ready to go. Sleep well tonight and tomorrow night, eat well and drink water. Saturday will probably be the warmest meet of the season so far. That means you need to bring sunblock, and between events stay out of the sun, keep your warm-ups on, rehydrate and energize with good food.

The line-ups...


Athlete Planner: Mar 25-Mar30

Putting the disappointment of our canceled invitational behind us, last week felt like a really good week. A few tough workouts, some good work in the weightroom, and a windy meet with athletes competing hard made for one to be proud of as a coach.

The JV team was at Ponderosa and competed really well in some grueling cold and wind. Some athletes began to diversify their events, which is exactly what we need. Still awaiting results from Pondo.

Varsity competed in the DCSD Snowbird Qualifier on Friday, a meet that was put together over the span of 12 hours by myself and 5 other track coaches in the district. CHSAA said this was the fastest a state qualifying meet has ever been organized! And at times it showed :), but the athletes did a real nice job. Good thing we did, because the weather rolled in shortly afterward and we got hammered. With weather like we've been having we have to get competition when we can. Thanks to all the parents that helped--you were awesome. Congrats to Brittany Reiner for her new school record in the triple jump despite a killer crosswind. Applause for Tanner Townsend who ran a really tough 400m in 50s--you might say he was aided by the wind, but that was only after being handcuffed by it for the first half of the race.  Girls 4x800 (Ganem, S Dalton, K Dalton, and Neher) ran a race 28s faster than their previous effort, nice job ladies. Those are just a few of the handful of good races, take a look at all of the results on MileSplit.

This week, to compete at the Broomfield Shootout on Saturday athletes must attend at least 3 practices.***If you are on the borderline of making enough practices, and just need one more, or just can't make a morning practice (laziness or your want to sleep in are not acceptable reasons) Coach Heikes is offering practices at 5pm, but you must set them up with her ahead of time. I'll also offer practices at a park near my home in Centennial, but that's up to you.

If you are away for spring break, you MUST, MUST, MUST find the time to get some workouts in. You don't have to destroy yourself doing it, but you have to do something. Coming back after 10 days off on April 1st will be a rude awakening for you, and it creates large dilemmas for the coaching staff. Please run. Contact me if you need workout ideas.

Here's the break down for this week:
-Meet inside
-SJHT at 9am, Distance at 8am
-Plan week
--Acceleration work for sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers, and throwers (SJHT)
--Distance: intervals
-Practice, meet inside 9am (SJHT), or 8am (distance)
-Field event technique focus
-Practice, meet ? 9am (SJHT), or 8am (distance)
-Practice, meet inside 9am (SJHT), or 8am (distance)
-Practice, meet inside 9am (SJHT), or 8am (distance)
-Meet: Broomfield Shootout
-Bus leaves CV at 6:30am
-Athletes must take bus
-There is a return bus for this meet

A couple more things to keep in mind:
1. Team pictures will be on Friday, April 5 after we return from break. Everyone must have their warm-ups for the pictures. Seniors, bring your uniforms & your warm-ups
2. Our track pack is finally available. Use this order form. The gear is pretty sweet. I can think of no better model than myself, so I'll have a set of the sweats on at practice this week. Orders are due no later than Wed., April 3.

That's all. Go Sabercats

Coach Nack


Canceled: Sabercat Invitational


With the impending weather, I'm sure I'm one of the few people pained by the headline above. So much work right down the potty. Such is life. I'm glad it's over. Now my focus can move to coaching, and pursuing the goals I have with our team without the craziness of fundraising and hosting a meet. Thank heavens!

It was the temperature, along with wind that has convinced me. Today was horribly windy and tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I don't even need to see snow (which has started where I live).  I can do rain or snow, and I can do cold, but I can't do them with wind. I feel most people are the same. It's miserable.

Sooooooo, of course no one is required to be at Sports Authority Stadium (Parker) tomorrow. Athletes and parents: thank you for setting aside the time to help at this meet. I hope we can count on all of your support, and more, for next year's meet.


Spring Break practices are at 9am for sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers, and throwers. Distance will start practice at 8am. I'll send a Hudl text telling you all where to meet depending on the weather. Have warm clothes.

You need a minimum of 3 practices to attend next week's Broomfield Shootout, on Sat Mar 30. This is a great meet year in and year out with top notch competition. Should be a great week to advance towards our goals.

We are now on Spring Break. If you are going on vacation, or already are, make sure you run over break. You will essentially be starting over on Mon April 1 if you make the poor choice not to. Unfortunately we cannot train you like we are starting over; we must progress. Be prepared. If you need ideas for workouts email or text me and I'll send you some kind of workout.

After Spring Break, on Wednesday April 3rd we will have a JV meet at Chaparral. It will be a good one against 5 teams, sort of a rarity in JV meets. Varsity meet back at Sports Authority for the Titan Invite on Saturday.

Thanks Castle View

Coach Nack


Snowbird Qualifier

All the behind the scenes work for this spur-of-the-moment meet is done. Now we have to go out there and compete. See you at Sports Authority Stadium (Parker). Quick team meeting at 9am. Most of you have never been in a varsity meet of this size. It's small. It's going to present some unique, but enviable circumstances. Pay attention to any announcements that are made and be ready for your meet. As always have extra clothes, sunblock, food, and water. Go Sabercats!


Sabercat Invite line-ups

Tough week to schedule line-ups for the Sabercats. Lots of people missing, yet lots of tough decisions.

Weather will have an effect on how and what we run. Remember: approach these early meets like a long training session and you'll all do just fine!

GO Sabercats!
Coach Nack


Athlete planner: Mar 18-23

Last week was a pretty good week across the board. Lots of athletes giving great effort in practice and competition, an excellent hill workout on Monday, a huge team dinner on Wednesday orchestrated by some very generous parents, excellent preliminary results for our fundraisers, and proof that we have some athletes showing great signs of improvement. Lots of things to be proud of, but what will stick with me will be the athletes that competed for CV at the varsity level for the first time, namely Elias Jackson, Chris Linnin, Ryan Sanders, Julie Mackin, Kelly Winn, Kameron Granger, Bradley Salesberry, Shelby Quint, Christian Mueller, Kaylee Mangus, Collin McKee, Zach Tidwell, Savannah Dalton, Emma McLaughlin, and Katie Wong.

This week coming up is the biggest meet of the year, and we are still looking for plenty of help. Parents, pay attention to your emails for messages coming from myself, other coaches, or our team parent, Brenda Wheeler, for ways you can help. All athletes, plan to be at Sports Authority Stadium to help with running the invite. If you do not compete you are eligible for community service, and a lot of it.

Here's the break down for this week:
-Meet in room 3500/3550
-Plan week
--hills and weights for sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers, and throwers (SJHT)
--Distance: intervals
-Practice, meet on track 3:15-?
-Field event technique focus
-Practice, meet on track 3:15-?
-JV meet at Ponderosa
--Students released from school at 2:20
--Bus leaves 2:35
-Practice for V athletes, 3:15
-Parent training for track&field events on CVHS track @ 5:15pm
-Practice at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker Directions 
--Time is TBD, sorry. Waiting for the district to tell me if 9am will work, if not then 2pm
--Need all athletes there for meet set-up and practice
-Parents can also show up to this for training on the events which they may be helping with
-Bus leaves CV at 7am
-Athletes driving themselves need to meet Coach Huber & Johnston at the gate by 7:20am
-Need all athletes in attendance

Saturdays Schedule (may potentially change) 

Reminders and Recommendation
-A small collection of athletes have yet to complete their fundraising. Please do.
-JV and Varsity meets can be really long so come prepared. Bring food, water, layers of clothes, and sunblock.
-CV athletic director Derek Cordes reminded me in no uncertain terms that male athletes are to wear shirts, and female athletes more than just sports bras at practice
-Varsity athletes: If you are on a relay, all members of team must have matching uniforms. That includes undergarments like compression shorts (must be same color)
-All undergarments must be one color
-You cannot have electronic devices on the infield or any area of competition
-Filming- you can film an athlete during competition, but no coach or athlete can view the film until after the competition.
-Jewelry must be removed prior to competition
-Parents should remain in the stands during meets, the reasons are numerous, but mainly because it is a mess when parents come down to track level

That's all for now.

Coach Nack


Entries for Saturday and schedule

Here are the entries for Saturday...
These are for the most part set, but some changes may be made tomorrow. The seed times and distances are not accurate in all cases; if you don't like them prove the coaches wrong.

And here is the schedule for Saturday's meet...

8:00 Weigh-Ins (Shot/Discus/Pole Vault)
8:30 Scratch Meeting
9:00 Girls 800m Sprint Medley
9:15 Girls 3200m Relay
9:30 Boys 3200m Relay
9:45 Girls 100m Hurdles
10:10 Boys 110m Hurdles
10:35 Girls 100m Dash
11:00 Boys 100m Dash
11:25 Girls 4 X 200m Relay
11:40 Boys 4 X 200m Relay
11:50 Girls 1600m Run
12:15 Boys 1600m Run
12:35 Girls 4 X 100m Relay
12:45 Boys 4 X 100m Relay
12:55 Girls 400m Dash
1:15 Boys 400m Dash
1:40 Girls 300m Hurdles
2:05 Boys 300m Hurdles
2:30 Girls 800m Run
2:50 Boys 800m Run
3:05 Girls 200m Dash
3:30 Boys 200m Dash
3:55 Girls 3200m Run
4:25 Boys 3200m Run
4:50 Girls 4 X 400m Relay
5:05 Boys 4 X 400m Relay

Boys Long Jump
Boys Pole Vault
Boys Discus
Girls Triple Jump
Girls High Jump
Girls Shot Put

Girls Long Jump
Girls Pole Vault
Girls Discus
Boys Triple Jump
Boys High Jump
Boys Shot Put

Go Sabercats!
Coach Nack