Where do you stand for state?

Check the data -- we lost some, got a few in the range, and got some others close.

First columns are the athletes names, events, athletes' best marks in the event, and their current rank in class 5A (you want to be in the top 18). The "2012 #18" column represents what is currently #18 in the state. The columns for "2011-#18", "2010-#18", "2009-#18" identifies what was the 18th best mark in 5A for that year, thus making it to state. 

Will update this post tomorrow with data for league, stay tuned.

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Liberty Bell results

A couple pretty good, but exhausting days at the Liberty Bell. As most of you saw, it is a HUGE meet; in some ways more competitive than the state meet. We had some awesome performances. Here are the results.
Here's the official results from MileSplit
Congratulations to the following athletes for setting new school records

  • Brittany Reiner for yet another school record in the Long Jump 
    • Was 16-9
    • Now 16-11.75
  • Maya Brown improved her own best, and school's best by >15%
    • Was 92ft 3in
    • Now108ft 5in
  • Nick Stalzer sets another jumps record, this time faring goodbye to Ryan T's record in the triple jump
    • Was 43ft .25in
    • Now 44ft 5in
  • (Update) Brought to my attention today was the fact that Morgan Neher set a new school record in the mile. Sorry, Morgan, when one of these records is broken I'm usually beat about the face and head until the change is made. I appreciate your discretion.
    • Was 5:35.2
    • Now 5:31.36
Here are the updated records...

And for clarification, here's info on this week's competitions

1. What: Freshman/Sophomore championships
Who: Freshman and Sophomore track athletes
When: Thursday May 3rd (meet starts at 2:30)
How long: Athlete's must stay the whole meet
Where: Sports Authority Stadium
Transportation: Bus leaves CV at 1:15, Will have a return bus

2. What: TJ Twilight
Who: Junior and Senior track athletes (top two in each event)
When: Friday May 4th (meet starts at 3:30)
How long: Athletes may leave when their competition is over
Where: All-City Stadium (Next to Denver South High School, and Washington Park)
Transportation: All athletes will drive themselves. Talk to your coaches if transportation is a problem

3. What: Cherry Creek/Grandview Invitational
Who: All track track athletes (top two in each event)
When: Saturday May 5th (meet starts at 8am)
How long: Athletes must take the bus in the morning, but can leave after their competition
Where: Stutler Bowl @ Cherry Creek HS
Transportation: Bus leaves CV at 6:15am, there will be a return bus

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Prom picture open thread

Commenting options at the bottom. Comment away...

Nebels looking fly

Coach Kuhn's best offering to date. Prom picture to come...he just has so many to choose from...obviously

Coach Huber, and no she's not 12 in this pic

I've always said light blue is Martinez' color

A very shiny Coach Smith, 4th from right

Coach Smith (getting some extra credit). Photo Courtesy of the 1989 Gordon High School LOOKIN' GOOD Yearbook.

The mystery face from last year unveiled, by popular demand. Unfortunately, you miss out on my home coming pic for another year.

It's not Prom, but Coach Martinez did not want to deprive you all of this one and bless him for that...

Only a few coaches left. Keep annoying your coaches until they are all in. Everyone wants to see Kuhn in a cumber bun, Johnston in an ascot, and Huber in whatever you call this. If Coach Martinez cracked and gave me the two gems you see on this page, then they will all crack. GET TO WORK

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It's Prom Week!!

Prom step 1: Get your duct tape tux/dress made

What a busy week we have!

JV Championships Thursday
Varsity @ Littleton HS for the Liberty Bell on Friday
Varsity back @ Littleton HS for the Liberty Bell on Saturday
Prom on Saturday night
Prom step 2: Make sure your date is ready, even if it is your mom/dad

So you can get your planning in, here is the schedule for the Liberty Bell

  • Athletes out of school at 2:10pm
  • Bus leaves 2:30pm
  • Soup to nuts meet (all athletes ride to and from the meet)
  • Bus leaves at 8:15am; return bus at end of meet
  • Athletes may drive themselves
  • Athletes may leave at 2pm
Prom step 3: Balance your priorities

Liberty Bell Schedule
Friday, April 27
4:30    3200 fast sections final
5:00    100H prelim
5:25    110H prelim
5:50    100 prelim
6:35    400 prelim
7:25    300H prelim
8:05    200 prelim

Saturday. April 28 *all events finals
10:00 Sprint Medley (1-1-2-4)
10:20 4x800
10:55 100H
11:00 110H
11:05 100
11:15 4x200
11:55 1600
Lunch break
1:30     4x100
2:05     400
2:15    300H
2:25     800
3:05     200
3:15     3200 (slow sections)
3:50     1600R

Friday 4:30 Saturday 10:30
Girls pole vault Boys pole vault
Boys high jump Girls high jump
B/G long jump B/G triple jump
Boys shot put Girls shot put
Girls discus Boys disc

Prom step 4: Get your pictures done in a classy way. Balloons tied to plant life is always a nice touch.

Prom step 5: As always, enjoy the music

ATHLETES!: Make sure you hassle your event coaches about getting me a copy of their prom pictures for posting on the blog.

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Jaguar Invite Schedule and Simulation results

Here is the schedule for tomorrow's meet

Amongst the many things that MileSplit does is the simulation of meets. At the bottom of the page for each meet we attend are some links that allow you to "Create a virtual meet". I ran one for the first time today. Here is the virtual meet for the Rock Canyon Jaguar Invite...

Third place? Castle View? No way! Let's shake this up tomorrow.

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State marks and School records!!!! :)

Guest post by

Natasha Jones :)

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One last shot at track pack goodness

  We reopened the link for track pack gear. Click on the link below and make your order. The site will be open tonight (Tue) and tomorrow night. No password is needed this time.


A rough shot of what they look like in case you need the reminder: 


Coach Nack

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Glenn Peterson Invite Results

Though I had to leave early to make it to Interact club's Battle of the Bands last night, I was really happy with our performance at yesterday's meet. I guess I was happy for good reason: our ladies team finished first and our boys team finished second. Individual and relay results are below.

Best of the weekend: The ladies 4x400 that I was not there for. (All I need is the results to be happy)
Worst of the weekend: The boys 4x400 that I was not there for. (All I need is to hear about it to be very upset)

Congratulations to the many athletes that set PRs in events, or beat their seeds to get the team more points

Congratulations to TSmith, NJones, MBrown, SDavis, KDalton, TDalgardno, DWheeler, MWheeler, and TTownsend for setting new school records in their individual or relay events.

And a special congratulations to Natasha for being the female field athlete of the meet with a first in high jump, a second in long, and a third in triple. These three finishes (not counting her 4x400 relay points) total 24 points. Nice job Tash!

Coach Nack

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Where do I stand updates

Now with brighter colors for all you whacky color fans out there...

An interesting thing to pay atttention to how far you move up or down on this list. For instance, our boys 4x100 team improved their time by .22 seconds which is a pretty good improvement for that race; however, they still dropped 3 spots from 8 to 11. Just shows how tough our competition is, and the importance of preparation.

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Saturday Starts

On the iPad I have an app called Excelade. I took some videos of starts in the 100/100hurdle, 100m dash, and girls 200m dash starts. Here are those videos. Use the 6 bars on the right hand side to speed up and slow down

Essential questions:

What should I look like?
What do I look like?
What are the others around me doing?
Am I exploding?
What am I doing right, and what needs to be better?
Am I in a good position before the gun? When coming out? 10-20m down the track?

And some High jump too...

This is an experiment. They may disappear in the next few days so get a look now.

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Legend Track Clash Invite Results

Here are the official results from today's meet.

Here is the entries spreadsheet, now complete with results (remember: you have access to the live form in your Google Docs accounts--or the email address we shared out to you this week)

Green= school record, Orange= unofficially not a school record, but questioning the wind reading.

or here is the link to the Google Doc

A lot of positive things to speak of but some equally concerning performances in events that we need to confront this week. I think we really need to examine pre-competition nutrition...

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Track Clash Schedule

Bus leaves at 7:15am Saturday.
Get around this week to see some field events; go see Maya throw the shot, watch Will vault, and Brittany jump. As a team we need to do a better job of that. Go support (not distract) your teammates.

Earlier this week we shared, via Google Docs, the weekly entry sheets with you. Go check those out to see what you are running this week. The email address we used is the one you gave us to enter into Hudl for texts and emails at the beginning of the year. We (thanks to Matt W) are slowly adding in all of your student gmail account addresses as well.


Bananas vs Cookies...not so different after all

About 5 years ago I ran into a statement that placed Bananas along the same health lines as a piece of cake or a cookie. It was hard to explain why that was. That is why I was happy to find this info-graphic on Lifehacker

Think about this as you prepare for practice, and when planning your nutrition before competing at a big meet.

Coach Nack


What am I ranked, and what will it take to qualify for state?

Below is some data that varsity athletes might find helpful.
Q: What is it?
     A: It is a chart that tells us what marks our top athletes have, where it ranks them in the state, and how that translates to previous state qualifiers

Q: My name is/is not on this list. Why?
     A: The names on the list are the top performers in each event. Events containing multiple athlete names signify that more than one athlete is in the top 50 for division 5A, and are thus in striking distance (the further you are from #18, the harder it is)

Q: Why under M/F (male/female) are some marked in yellow?
     A: For reasons unknown to me, these events are not in the official rankings. The ranking for these events is where the mark would place the team if the mark were officially ranked.

Q: Under Rank, why are some blue?
    A: This signifies that the mark has ranked the athlete/relay in the top 50

Q: What do the last three columns on the right mean?
    A: These are the marks which were the last qualifying mark for the state meet. Looking at these gives you some idea of what you have to achieve by May 12th.

Q: How do I move my name up in the rankings?
    A: Great question...Practice everyday, work as hard as you can, work as smart as you can, eat lots of good food, drink lots of water, sleep 8-9 hours a night, and want it more than anyone else.

Q: Any other suggestions?
    A: Aiming for our record board is nice, but we need to aim past what our teammates achieve and focus on besting our opponent. For example, as I mentioned in our meeting today our previous Long Jump record has been broken by 4 girls this year. This is great, and I mean no discredit to these ladies because they are doing exactly what we ask of them, but we have to aim past those distance of our run record board because look at what there places are in the state: 22, 23, 28, 31....They may beat our school record,  which again is great, but they fall short of state qualification (using the last three columns one could see these girls will most likely have to jump in the higher half of 16ft to qualify for state). Making the board will be an honor, but believe me when I tell you that it will fall far short of the feeling of competing at the state meet.

Q: Where can I see these rankings for myself?
(Make sure you change the dropdown to for division to 5A for the most accurate rankings)

Start looking at this data, and figuring in your mind what you must do before the end of the season. Set some goals. Write them down. Post them in a place you have to look at them and think about them. Reward yourself when you get achieve or get closer to your goal; do not punish yourself when you take steps back from your goals, but rather look within yourself for the reasons why (there is always a why) and then fix the problem.

Coach Nack