AFA open 1.16.11

As a jumps coach I do like feats of jumping as seen above. Pretty impressive for such a big dude.

Not to the point of this post: A smattering of CV athletes attended yesterday's track meet at the Air Force Academy. Ryan T competed in the HJ, and got 5th (I believe) with a jump of 6'0". Ryan also triple jumped and finished with a mark of 40'6.75". I was in the stands as a fan, and I again--as I need at the beginning of every season--received the reminder of how important meet stamina is (I need a single word that accurately describes this phenomenon). Ryan is capable of much more, but I could see the effects of going between the HJ and TJ setting in as it happened. So, overall I thought a nice job by Ryan.

The rest of the competitors were on the distance side. I could not stick around for the 2mile which Chris and Maddie ran in, but Coach Kuhn has those numbers. We also had two first time competitors in the 800m. Andrew W., who recently made the switch over from baseball, ran an impressive 2:17 that was smooth and in great form. Andrew gave the great news that he had a lot more in the tank at the end and could have gone out harder--not going out to hard the first time you run the 800 I think is the sign of a very disciplined runner. Our other rookie 800m runner was Kristina. She was seeded at 3:00min and she went out and ran an impressive 2:44. K's strength is her footspeed, and when she couples that with more experience and comfort in this race those times will continue to plummet.

I did see some other impressive showings while in the stands:
Girls 60m dash- 7.5 seconds by Mary Beth Sant (she destroyed the field)
Boys 1600m- 4:33 by Connor Winters, last spring's 5A state champion in the event
Girls 400m- around 57sec by a girl whose name I recognize from last year but can't exactly place, GinAsia Hamilton.
Girls Shot- An out of state competitor, who was small but very impressive won the event with a big throw of 44'5"
See all the results here

Good job everyone that showed! That meet is a little strange, I know, because it feels so contained and pressurized in that field house, and it feels that if you say anything everyone can hear you. However, I think it is great preparation for the season that is fast approaching. I encourage more athletes to enter themselves in the indoor meets that are still on the schedule.



First week wrap up

Pretty decent first official week of winter workouts as a team. The snow on Monday through a wrench in our initial plans, but we managed to get in a couple good workouts that caused puking, passing out, extreme shaking of the extremities, soreness, and other physical signs of trauma to the musculoskeletal system that indicates that some good work has been done. Attendance has been decent with many of our strongest members attending, but with a team that will be around 100 strong in the spring, we can definitely get more people out than we currently have.

A couple other notes:

  • Workouts next week will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afterschool
  • Get a weights workout in after our running workouts, as well as one on Tuesday
  • Do something everyday- walk, run, jog, jump, lift, spring, play, etc...
  • Save your little tootsies some major fundraising efforts now-- get your $5 in to Coach Nack and pick yourself up a King Soopers card, because the more we can raise with this the less we have to do during the season, and the more cool things we can bring in for the good of the team.
  • There is a meet at the USAFA this weekend and I know some are attending. I will probably see you there... as a fan.
  • Coach Lancett will now also be posting updates to the blog as well. Welcome Coach Lancett!