2016 Fantasy League Champions

Congratulations to Team Bakoz for their victory in this year's track fantasy challenge.
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Team Bakoz
Baker & Munoz
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First day of state 2016

Here's a summary of what was seen from CV Track today, day 1 of the state meet.

Julie Mackin got us started by competing in the long jump beginning at 8:30am. This is the second year in a row Julie has competed in the LJ at state. She made it to finals this year with a jump of 16-10, which was just 1/4 inch under what she jumped last year. However, this year in finals Julie improved her mark in finals by jumping a 16-11.75 Julie wrapped up the contest finishing in 8th place, earning the team 2 points. Two noteworthy aspects of this event: 1. Julie was one of only 2 jumpers that had their season best jump today, and 2. this is the first time a girl LJer or TJer has placed in the state meet for Castle View.

At pretty much the same time, Koby Dudley was competing in the high jump. Koby ended up tied for 5th with a jump of 6-2. His finish earns the boys team 4.5 pts (not to mention his fantasy team 18pts). Koby's clearance at 6-2 was huge, which had me imagining big PRs for him on the day, but unfortunately it just wasn't in the cards. The best news: all of the athletes that finished ahead of Koby are Seniors, which means Koby has a fresh slate of competitors to go against next year, of which he is the leader.

Savanna Dalton stormed onto the track at 9:20am to run the first of her three races this weekend, the 3200m run. This race had some excellent performances in it, the least of which not being Savanna's run. Savanna ran patiently and consistently, yet very competitively. She finished the race in 6th place, narrowly edging last year's champion, and earning the same number of points she did for the team last season, 4. The highlight of this race for Savanna: her time of 11:15.96 was not only her season best, but also her all time best, AND our school's all time best. Congratulations to Savanna on her new school record.
(not to steal Savanna's sunshine, but I do like to point out highlights of the meet overall where I can. In this same race, Grandview HS's Brie Oakley ran a CO State Meet record of 10:33.16, beating a record which had stood for 26 years)

Simultaneously with Mackin and Dudley, Riley Chase was competing in the PV. Riley had a nice day by recording a Personal Record not just once (14-1) but twice (14-7). Riley's efforts were good enough to notch him a 6th place finish, two spots ahead of where he finished last year. His finish earns the boys team 4 points (that's a total of 8.5 for those of you adding at home). Riley's going to get used to some higher bars and poles in the offseason, and you'll see him clearing heights far past his current PR.

Just prior to Julie Mackin's finals in the Long Jump, her and the other members of the 4x200m girls team (Abbie Cooley, Kendall Cooley, Kori Baker) took to the track for their preliminary race. These girls ran in lane 1 and raced really well against a tough field. They came up short of finals, but they finished as the 12th seed after entering as the 16th seed. The biggest news for this group of girls: their time of 1:44.75 is Castle View's new school record (by the slimmest of margins, btw, .01 seconds).

Garren Hoffman-Maroney took to the track 50 minutes after the our girls 4x200m. Garren was in lane 1, pitted against the fastest times in the state. He ran a tough race finishing at 15.43s, but came up a little short of the finals (by the way, the top 3 finishers in each of two flights, plus the next three best times make it to finals), but he ran really well. Speaking with him after the race, I got the feeling that he was happy with his performance, and sometimes that is enough. I'm sure he has his sights set on bigger things for next year. This first performance for him at the state meet serves as an invaluable learning experience.

Our Girls 4x800m relay team did not quite have the performance they were looking for, but there efforts gained them some great experience for the seasons to come. Calysta McKinney has one season left. Erin Krauss has two. Madi Boekes has 3 (not to mention a slate of alternates with the same number of years and great potential). Unfortunately, Savanna Dalton has no more years left, and she has huge shoes to fill, but she did a great job of leading this squad, and they'll be better off for it.

Sierra Suazo had nothing much exciting happening in her life prior to the state meet, so yesterday at practice she decided to sprain her ankle to make things a little more interesting. She might say otherwise, but I think we all woke up this morning a little unsure of whether or not she would compete today. After extensive icing, and warming up Sierra entered the ring to compete. On her first throw, and from a full spin (!) she threw a 132-2! Due to the injury, Sierra took less than the full number of throws, but she still finished in 4th place earning the team 6 pts. Sierra now turns her focus to taking care of her ankle in order to be prepared for Saturday morning's shot put competition.

Brooke Walker wrapped up her first season of pole vaulting with a PR height of 10-4. She was just out of scoring position. In year's past, this height would have for sure earned Brooke and the team some points. She has nothing to be disappointed about. Not bad for anyone, much less a first year pole vaulter.

Onto tomorrow...Only one race, but it is the best one! The girls 4x100m takes the track at 9am shooting for a spot in the finals.
On Saturday we have 4 times the number of events that we do Friday, with Zander in the Triple Jump, Suazo in the shot put, Colton Homuth in the Shot Put, and Dalton putting a bow on her high school running career when she runs the 1600m.


Castle View's 2016 Colorado State Track & Field Qualifiers

Original post edited to reflect the addition of Mackin to Long Jump. Also, please click here to access heat sheets highlighted for CV events.

State Hopefuls

I want to start this post out with our athletes that are on the verge of qualifying but are just outside of qualifiying for state. Please keep these athletes in your wishes, thoughts, prayers, or what have you

  • Michaela Kelly is currently ranked #19 in the discus. Our hope is that one athlete ranked 1-18 is not entered into the competition and she slides into that spot. Michaela competed at last year's state meet, and finished 9th (which, by the way, many people argue should make one an automatic qualifier for state in the next year). Michaela's qualifying mark is also 2 feet better than her best throw from last year. We're hoping for you, Michaela
  • Julie Mackin is currently ranked #21 in the long jump. Well, technically, she is actually #19 because #19-21 are all tied at 16ft10in. If one of the athletes ranked between 1-18 should drop out, all three girls (19-21) should move up into the 18th position, which would actually put 20 competitors into the meet. If she makes it this would be Julie's 2nd time at the state meet for long jump. She competed last year, and was our first female jumper ever to make it out of prelims and move on to finals. We all hope to see that again, Julie! SHE MADE IT!!!
Julie Mackin, Thursday at 8:30am in the long jump
Two-time Continental League long jump champion. This is Julie's second year in a row that she will compete in the long jump. Last year Julie became our first female jumper to make it to finals in a jumping event. She finished just out of the points last year, but she looks to change that for this year. Julie will also compete in the 4x100m and 4x200m relays. Congratulations, Julie.

  • Kendall Cooley is currently ranked #22 in the long jump (yes, right behind Mackin). Kendall's shot of making it is of course lower than Julie's, but nonetheless we are hoping that it happens. If she should make it, Kendall could have a substantial impact on the competition.
  • The girls 4x400m team is ranked #24 after an incredibly gutsy performance yesterday (probably the toughest performance I've seen from a group of athletes while here at CV...incredible). They would need a lot of help to get into this race, but it is typically said that seeds up to #25 have a reasonable chance of being in the race. We're hoping for you ladies.
When the heat sheets are released we will know the fate of these athletes. Heat sheets are expected to be posted sometime before Monday afternoon on this CHSAA website.

State Qualifiers

The process for qualifying for state in Colorado is very competitive. All athletes within the 5A classification pay attention to how their times, heights, and distances compare to athletes around the state. In the end, each athlete hopes that their mark is good enough to rank them in the top 18 in the state. If it is, they compete in the state track meet. This year we will have 8 athletes competing in 10 individual events, and we also have 3 relays filled with 4 athletes each (and up to 3 alternates). In total, 21 Sabercat track athletes will have some role in this week's meet. These are those athletes.
(In order by when they will compete)
Riley Chase, Thursday at 8:30am in the Pole Vault
Riley makes his second appearance at state after competing last year in the pole vault and finishing 8th. Riley enters the meet as the 9th ranked competitor. Reilly won't be settling for 9th, or 8th, or... well, let's just say the sky is the limit. Congratulations, Reilly!

Koby Dudley, Thursday at 8:30am in the High Jump
Koby comes in tied for the 4th highest jump of the season. This is Koby's first time competing at the state meet, but that means very little in the morning hours of Thursday at the state meet. I've seen just as many underdogs win that competition as I have the high fliers. When that competition is on, all bets are off. Congratulations, Koby!

Savanna Dalton, Thursday at 9:20 am in 3200m Run
Thursday at 11:35am in the 4x800m relay
Saturday at 11:10am in the 1600m run
Savanna makes her third appearance at the state meet, and the second in a row in which she will compete in the same events. Last year Savanna finished sixth in the 3200m run, and set the school record in the 1600m run. This senior looks to improve upon those performances before she takes her talents to Utah Valley University. Savanna is our most abundantly appearing name in this year's state meet with being entered in 3 events. Congratulations, Savanna!

(L to R) Kendall Cooley, Kori Baker, Julie Mackin, Abbie Cooley
9:50am on Thursday in the 4x200m relay for prelims, if they qualify the finals are Friday at 1:35 pm
9:00am on Friday in the 4x100m relay for prelims, if they qualify the finals are Saturday at 3:05pm
The same 4-some of athletes will compete in both relays, and hope to make finals in both. They come in ranked as the 14th seed in the 4x100m, and 16th seed in the 4x200m with room for growth in both. Kendall and Julie competed last year with the team that set the school record and had the highest finish ever for a girl's relay team at the state meet (5th). This experience will be invaluable. I think this team has just as much potential as last year's sprint relay team. We all look forward to seeing what they can do. Congratulations, Kendall, Kori, Julie, and Abbie
Alternates for the 4x100m: Angela Graves, Skyler Love, Shelby Taylor
Alternates for the 4x200m: Angela Graves, Skyler Love, Alexis Smith

Garren Hoffman-Maroney, Thursday at 10:40am in 110m hurdles, if he qualifies finals are Saturday at 9:50am
Garren enters his first state meet with a ranking of 16th in the sprint hurdles. His season best time of 15.35s will be challenged, but no event improves more with good competition than the hurdles. Fast hurdlers tend to pull others along with them. The touchdown after each of the 10 hurdles is a race in itself, and Garren can compete with most anyone in the state. Congratulations, Garren!

Brooke Walker, Thursday at 11:00am in the Pole Vault
Why have we not been calling her SkyWalker all season long?!? I'm really disappointed in myself for not thinking of this until now. I'd like a re-do of this season...Anyways, Brooke is the 12th ranked vaulter in this competition after only one year of vaulting. Her PR of 10ft3in is in peril of falling to higher heights this week, as all of the hard work she has done with Coach Munoz is paying off. The vaulting pit is probably the most electric atmosphere at the state meet, which Brooke will surely benefit from. Congratulations, Brooke!

Sierra Suazo, Thursday at 11am in the Discus
Saturday at 8:30am in the Shot Put
Sierra, a junior, enters her third state meet, and the second in a row where she will throw in both events. In 2014 she placed 7th in the shot put as a freshman. In 2015 she placed 4th in the shot put, and 6th in the discus. The bad news for the competition is that she is 5 ft better in the shot and 15 ft better in the discus this season, which has earned her the #1 seed in both the shot put and discus. No discredit to any other Sabercats out there, but no one has worked harder than Sierra. Sierra hasn't been handed anything; she's earned it. Go cash in Suazo!
Congratulations, Sierra!

(L to R) Madison Boekes, Savanna Dalton, Erin Kraus, Abigail Bohrer, Lauren Straley, Calysta McKinney
11:35 am on Thursday in the 4x800m relay
This girls 4x800m team enters the state meet ranked 17th, but with great room for improvement. Savanna and Calysta have competed in this race at the state meet before. Their experience will be necessary to help guide a freshman and sophomore through their first state competition. When ran well, I think the 4x800s are the best race at the state meet--they are physical, demanding, strategic, and fast. I look forward to this group clawing their way to an unexpectedly good finish. Congratulations, ladies!
Madison, Savanna, Erin, and Calysta will make up the main body of this relay, with Abigail and Lauren as alternates.
Colton Homuth, Saturday at 10:30am in the Shot Put
The award for the biggest sigh of relief goes to Colton Homuth. Colton at #18 was the last seed qualified into the state meet. That does not necessarily make him an underdog, because he is having a spectacular season full of all kinds of improvements. His PR is now 10 feet greater than it was last season, which he has done gradually with 5 PRs over the course of the season. The friendly confines of the shot put ring at JeffCo Stadium should help push that shot put out further. Congratulations, Colton!

Zander Scarbrough, Saturday at 8:30am in the Triple Jump
This past weekend Zander improved his performance in the Triple Jump by yet another foot to 44ft6in on his way to earning the 7th seed in this year's state Triple Jump competition. As a sophomore, the "Zandelope" is our youngest competitor in an individual event. No matter his age, if Zander comes to the competition ready to go jump-for-jump with others, he stands to do very well. Congratulations, Zander!

Our Entry Sheet

Changes and results will be made to this as they come in. 

The Schedule

If you've never been before, the state meet is an insanely good time, even for people that know nothing about track. There are a ton of people there to both watch and compete, and it is a really positive atmosphere where one good performance leads to another. If this is your first time going I highly recommend showing up early--some people have told me if you get there too late it can take over an hour to pull into the parking lot due to the crowds. If you don't compete until Friday or Saturday I highly recommend you think about going on Thursday to take everything in and get your mind calibrated to what it will be like during your competition. If you are on the team, but are not competing at the state meet I highly recommend you come to the meet, especially on Thursday. I know that is during school, and, no, I cannot excuse you. However, you can ask your parents to excuse you. If they say "no", ask them to come with you--a little gentle manipulation in the guise of spending time together goes a long way with parents these days. Look for our tent, which is normally in the grass in the Southwest corner of the stadium.

Anyways, click here to see the schedule. (pink highlights are events a CV athletes is guaranteed to be in, blue highlights are events the athletes would have to qualify for in prelims).

Coach Nack


Continental League Championship week

Our Rivals
Chaparral     Heritage      Rock Canyon      Ponderosa     Douglas County    Legend
Mountain Vista     ThunderRidge     Highlands Ranch     Regis     

The Entries

When we leave/ when you need to be there

  • Thursday
    • Excused from class at 2:00
    • Bus leaves at 2:20
    • No return bus
    • Can drive oneself. Get to stadium at 3pm or 2hrs before event, whichever comes later
  • Saturday
    • athletes must take bus
    • Bus leaves at 7:30
    • Return bus
    • Clear your schedules...team support until the end

The Schedule

            4:00     800m Medley             Girls    Finals
            4:10     4 X 800m Relay          Girls    Finals
            4:25     4 X 800m Relay          Boys   Finals
            4:40     100m Hurdles             Girls    Prelims
            4:50     110m Hurdles             Boys   Prelims
            5:00     100m Dash                  Girls    Prelims
            5:20     100m Dash                  Boys   Prelims
            5:40     3200m Run                 Girls    Faster Heat
            6:00     3200m Run                 Boys   Faster Heat
            6:20     200m Dash                  Girls    Prelims
            6:40     200m Dash                  Boys   Prelims


            4:00     Triple Jump    Girls
                        Long Jump      Boys
                        Shot Put          Girls
                        High Jump      Boys
                        Pole Vault       Girls
                        Discus             Boys



                                    *ALL EVENTS ARE FINALS*

            9:00     100m Hurdles             Girls   
            9:05     110m Hurdles             Boys  
            9:15     100m Dash                  Girls   
            9:20     100m Dash                  Boys  
            9:30     4 X 200 Relay             Girls   
            9:40     4 X 200 Relay             Boys  
            9:50     1600m Run                 Girls   
            10:05   1600m Run                 Boys
            10:25   4 X 100 Relay             Girls
            10:35   4 X 100 Relay             Boys
            10:45   400m Dash                  Girls
            11:00   400m Dash                  Boys
            11:15   300m Hurdles             Girls
            11:25   300m Hurdles             Boys
            11:40   800m Run                   Girls
            11:50   800m Run                   Boys  
            12:00   200m Dash                  Girls
            12:15   200m Dash                  Boys
            12:30   3200m Run                 Girls    Slower Heat
            12:50   3200m Run                 Boys   Slower Heat
            1:10     4 X 400 Relay             Girls
            1:20     4 X 400 Relay             Boys


            9:00     Long Jump      Girls
                        Triple Jump    Boys
                        Discus             Girls
                        Pole Vault       Boys
                        High Jump      Girls
                        Shot Put          Boys

Due to the importance of this meet, both as a League Championship and as the last chance for athletes to qualify for State, we tried to incorporate plenty of time between events in order to give athletes a chance to adequately recover and be ready for their next event(s).  As a result, we will adhere to the starting time for each event and NOT move ahead of schedule.

That's all for now

Coach Nack