Weekend meet results

JV Meet @ DCHS
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Remember: all JV times, and V splits are subject to Whitenack's slow thumbs. Any given time may be .01 to 41.3 seconds off.

Varsity @ GW Invite
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Coach Nack

Mason K. would approve of these "fresh kicks"

If Mason thinks they're great why won't you?
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Coach Nack


No bus home from Saturday GW meet.

We r gettin nu spinna rims on our ride on saturday aftermoon, so you gots to find anudda ride

Hey guys, I don't think that this word got around well enough at practice this week, so I need to push it into overdrive now. Please help spread the word by text, facebook, phone, or tomorrow at school.


There is still a bus in the morning, which leaves at 7am, but there will not be one to take you home. With this meet's schedule we felt that this would be appropriate. Please plan a ride home from the meet.

Coach Nack


TJ Twilight results

Here are the results from Friday night. Saturday's results have not been posted yet. (remember that relay splits were recorded by my own slow thumbs so they are not entirely accurate)
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High Jumpers Going Higher
"Big-ups" to my lady high jumpers. We currently have 3 girls at 4'10" or greater. That is pretty good, many teams have none. The ladies took it to new heights (pun intended) this weekend. On Friday, Caryn D made all heights look easy as she reached a PR of 5'0" (not bad for her first real competition!). Caryn has the potential to keep going up and up--just needs some more technique practice, film study, and concentrated work. I look forward to it. Natasha J, not wanting to be outdone, had a heck of a day on Saturday setting a 4" personal record. PRs of four inches are rare in the HJ, so she has good reason to be confident. The best part is how she did it. Natasha cleared 5'0", which she had attempted several times before, but was just slightly off. After she cleared it, she left to go run the 4x200. Now, I've seen this before, and believe it is incredibly hard to come back within minutes of running a 200m and then make any jump, much less a new PR. In fact, I generally just write the athlete off as done at that point because the 200m is a beast. Well, Natasha proved there are exceptions to my untested rules. She ran an awesome leg in her race aiding the relay team to a first place finish, she then came back to the HJ pit and nailed 5'2" on her second attempt. I wish I had footage of it, because it was awesome. In conclusion, I was a very happy coach, and have Caryn and Natasha to thank for that. Great job ladies. Let's be happy, but let's never be satisfied.

Wide World of Track
Check out this ridiculous race from 2008. Got this from the high jump coaches I hobknob with at the HJ pits during our meets, so thanks to Coach Burns (RCHS) and Coach Neale (HRHS). The video was filmed during the Big 10's indoor championships. The race is the 600m run (3 laps around). It's a slow builder, but it has a great pay off. Enjoy.

Here is another video of the same race, but with better footage (I prefer the rawness of the video above, without the distracting text)


Your pre-Prom open thread

Coach Martinez. Why am I not shocked this is the picture he sent me?

Remember when our land used to be ruled by King Mike and Queen Brenda. Thems were the days.

Comment away.


Are you qualified? Will you be

In the table below are our teams top times in each event. A description of each column:
  • The first three are pretty self explanatory
  • 1-18? -- notes if the athlete is in the top 18 in the state at class 5A. If there is a number the athlete is top 18. If there is a 'x' then they are not top 18
  • Mark -- the athlete's current top time
  • 2010- #18 -- This was the last qualifier for the state meet last
  • 2010 #1 -- This was the top qualifier for last year at state to give you an idea of how tight some of these races are (2.36 seconds in the boys 400m! Wow)


Happy prom week everyone!

Here's to hoping you look this good come saturday!
Let the Photoshop contest begin. Funniest and most appropriate comment left by an athlete wins...something.

Coach Nack


Two schedule changes

It's prom season! Do you have your NBA jersey replica tux/dress yet?

A quick hitter for you guys to add to your calendars...

  • We are going to once again postpone the barbecue and relay until a later date. That date will be announced shortly.
  • The JV meet on the calendars to this point has been "TBA". It is now officially at Ponderosa High School on Friday against PHS, Legend, and DC.
Big week we have coming up: 3 meets this weekend, and of course prom. Remember if you are competing your attendance is expected at the meet on Saturday until 2pm. I think those that stay for the entire day will be treated to a very entertaining competition. I am looking forward to this chance to build a rivalry that we can participate in for years to come. Let's get off to a great start.

Coach Nack


A brief schedule for this weekend

All eyes on Will B at the Mustang Invite last weekend

  • JV meet @ Chap. Bus leaves at 2:15
  • Varsity practice at 3:15
  • All varsity athletes at Sports Authority Stadium at 8pm to set-up for Sabercat Invite

  • Sabercat Invite
  • Bus leaves school at 7:45; no return bus
  • Athletes can drive on their own
  • All JV athletes will be at Sports Authority Stadium no later than 8am to assist with meet
  • Athletes should plan on staying until the end of the meet plus one hour for clean up

It's going to be a long, exciting, fatiguing weekend. Let's go dominate our two meets and move into next week with a great head of steam. It is so important that you are taking care of your injuries, nagging pains, and illnesses with plenty of rest, ice, diet, and water. We are at a pretty brutal stretch in our season that we need to make it through with utmost health to perform our best in May. (No duh!)

Coach Nack


Mustang Invite Results

I showed up to yesterday's meet planning on filling out the sheets below, but was quickly steered off course by having to officiate the high jump. No bother though! Without skipping a beat, and probably doing a much better job than I ever would have, Coach Euwema stepped up and filled out the entire thing. Snaps for Coach Euwema. 
The final times come right from the results on Milesplit but the splits for the relays were hand timed by the coaches so there is a differential of +/- .7 seconds (usually). 

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Coach Nack


Post Meet Musings: Mustang Invitational @ Mountain Range HS

Great day up in...up in...Northglenn, I think. Oh well, that doesn't matter. We had a great day. Boys finished the day in first place amongst 15 teams, and the girls had a strong rebound  finishing 7th after a disappointing showing two weeks ago at the TRHS invite.
Full results, click here
Also, if you don't check out Milesplit regularly, start--all results can be found there
Top 18? Check your state qualifying status at Varvee

Boys, we can dote on you later (maybe), but for now I want to say how proud I was of our ladies team. I was VERY proud of our ladies team. Overall I thought the girls team performance was good, and are building towards what I think will be a great 2nd half to the season. After the TRHS invite I was discouraged, bummed, and even a little angry. Today was a different story. Today had great performances. Today had (mostly) healthy athletes. Today I saw some people trying some new things without complaint, and to pretty good success. I think there are a certain few athletes that might be asked to do some of those new things more often as a result.

If there is one thing I love is a little bit of toughness, especially when it comes from a freshman, and it is even better if it is a girl. Today, when I was officiating the high jump I got to watch the start of the girls 1600m run from up close. The race got off to a fast start, and somewhere in the fray young, precocious freshman Kelsey Dalton had her foot stepped on from behind. Kelsey, as a result of being human and subject to gravity, went down pretty hard. When this happens the rule is that the race should be stopped if a runner goes down in the first 100m; however, the officials did not apply this rule in this case (though I bet if that were one of the HRHS athletes that shot would have been fired before skin hit track). Like a boss, Kelsey picked herself up and continued on. As she ran by me I could see that she wanted to cry, hard. She held it together, kept going and went on to run a tough race. Nice job Kelsey!

Zach W in the 110 hurdles at Continental League Relays. Big thanks to Mr. Clark for snapping some photos during this meet. (We'd love to have these every time if any of your parents are interested)


  • The Sabercat Invite is next weekend we will need a lot of help from you and your parents
  • We had scheduled a team barbecue for this week, we are postponing that until next week (because of the Sabercat Invite)
  • Prom + Meet = planning: April 16 we have a meet, and you have prom. All athletes entered will go to the meet, and will compete until 2pm. Before 2pm your attendance is required; after 2pm your attendance is optional.
  • Mondays are required team practices for all athletes. To compete on Saturdays you must be at practice on Mondays. As always we will meet in Coach Lancett's room at 3:15 on Monday.

Coach Nack