Parker Strahler: Colorado State Pentathlon Meet Champions

A five event track meet, what better way to spend your first afternoon of summer break. At least for some dedicated athletes this is probably the best way they could have spent their time.

Congrats to Parker Strahler for his victory today at the Colorado State Pentathlon meet. Parker had to compete in the 200m run, discus thro, long jump, high jump, and 1500m run. When all was said and done he scored the most points and he was the winner. There was not a ton of participants in this year's meet, but that doesn't mean that Parker didn't beat some pretty stiff competition. Nice job Parker!

Parker's first taste of multi-event success!

Parker was not the only one competing. We had 1 more boy, and 2 girls. Christian Mueller, competing in no events that he normally does, finished 13th in the competition along with a high jump result better than Parker's (I'm sure Christian would want me to point that out, and would not ever stop bugging me if I didn't). On the girls' side we had Julie Mackin and Tesa Woodman. Mackin finished 15th out of 45 competitors. Top 1/3 is not bad considering that she is a sophomore competing against juniors and seniors, and that she only really competes in one of the 5 events regularly, the 200m run (girls competed in the 200m, shot put, high jump, long jump, and 800m run. She also chalked up the highest long jump mark we had as a team the entire spring season 16ft 8in. Woodman was in a tough spot competing as a freshman, yet performed well considering the circumstance (boy, was it hot!). She finished 32nd, but with another year of experience under her belt she may just rocket up those ranks.

At the time of this writing, no official results have been posted on MileSplit, but they should be on the page linked here: http://co.milesplit.com/meets/157653-colorado-state-pentathlon-meet#.U4aSbJRdUqY

Happy summer everyone

Coach Nack


First day of state update

After our first day at the 2014 state championship we have seen some nice performances by the qualified athletes. We talked about how it wasn't enough to just qualify and show up, and that anything less than our best would not get us the results we want and the great feeling of satisfaction we've sought all season. The Sabercats did more than just show up.

Track Events

Savanna Dalton-
 In our first event on the track Savanna got us off to a nice start in the 3200m. She finished out of the point positions in 10th, but she did rack up a new PR and school record of 11:17.41. A good start for the team from a first time (track) state qualifier.

Forrest Barton- Right after Savanna finished her 3200m, Forrest took to the track. He got off to a great start in a real tough pack that spread out a little over the course of 2 miles. He ran tough, finished 12th, and scored a PR of 9:50.23.
Parker Strahler- Parker has two track events this weekend and in his first event today--110m hurdles--he ran a PR of 15.19 seconds, took 4th in his heat, and qualified for finals. Parker will now be running in this same event on Saturday. He's making the most of his time at the state meet, as he is now guaranteed to run all three days. Check him out tomorrow in the 300m hurdles.

Girls 4x800m relay (Kylie Johnson, Savanna Dalton, Calysta McKinney, and Kelsey Dalton)- This was a fast field folks. I think every team on the track ran their best times, and I can emphatically say we did the same. This foursome scored a new season best and school record of 9:40.64, beating the old record by nearly 10 seconds. Originally seeded 15th, the girls finished 12th, which combined with the PR shows just how tough the field was. Great job ladies, and thank you Sydney and Melissa for your support throughout the week.

Field Events

Christian Mueller- If you talk to Christian anytime soon you will see his obvious disappointment regarding his performance today. He has every right to feel this way, but he had an amazing season.  I don't doubt he knew this before, but today he definitely experienced that it is not enough to just make it. Competitors want PRs and podium finishes. He is disappointed, but I'm excited by the fact he has another crack at it. Christian tied for 10th at a height of 13'6".

Chris Linnin- Speaking of tough competition. Last year the boys' 5A high jump champion jumped 6'5". What a difference a year makes! Chris cleared that height today, but unfortunately 9 other athletes did as well. Obviously this was a highly competitive field, and Chris finished 10th. Not too shabby of a performance for this Junior, though. His jump over 6'5" was his season best. Watch out boy high jumpers of 2015!
Maya Brown- In the last throw of preliminary competition Mays stepped in the ring and ripped off a PR, and school record of 117'9". This throw was also good enough to earn her a 6th place finish. This is only the second time a female athlete has scored points at the 5A state meet for CV (Natasha Jones, 2012, high jump 4th place was the first, btw). 
Christina Stathakis- Scratch that above statistic, because now we have had 3 females score in the 5A state meet after Christina's performance today. Christina cleared 11'3" and wrapped up 3rd place, the highest a female has scored in 5A for Castle View. I could tell that Christina had it in her today on appearance alone. I'm not sure if the "eye of the tiger" actually exists, but if it does she had it. One can only wonder what could have happened without having to take 2 weeks off recently because of a back injury, but perhaps we'll find out next year.

Coming up...

We had a wealth of activity today, but we have quite a bit to come. We had some great support today at the meet from teammates, CVHS students, and school administration. The more the merrier. Here is what we have left:


   10:30am - Girls High Jump - Mackenzie Pettit
   11:20am - 300m Hurdles - Parker Strahler (prelims)


   8:30am - Girls Shot Put - Maya Brown & Sierra Suazo
   10:00am - 110m Hurldes - Parker Strahler (finals)
   11:00am - Girls Triple Jump - Angela Graves & Mackenzie Pettit
   2:30pm - 300m Hurdles - Parker Strahler must qualify for this finals race on Friday morning.

Can't come but want to follow along? Click here too follow live results.


Coach Nack


2014 Castle View Track &Field State Qualifiers

I proudly announce our 13 state athletes. There is a chance a couple athletes or events may be added once the final state heat sheets are posted, but as of right now here is who we have competing next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in the state track meet @ JeffCo Stadium.

Forrest Barton, 11th: 3200m run

Sierra Suazo, 9th: Shot put

Mackenzie Pettit, 11th: High jump, Triple jump

Parker Strahler, 11th: 110m hurdles, 300m hurdles

Christina Stathakis, 11th: Pole vault
Maya Brown, 12th: Shot put, Discus
Savanna Dalton, 10th: 3200m run
Christopher Linnin, 11th: High Jump

Christian Mueller, 11th: Pole vault

Angela Graves, 10th: Triple Jump

Girls 4x800m Relay 

Kylie Johnson, 11th
Kelsey Dalton, 12th

Savanna Dalton, 10th
Calysta McKinney, 9th
Two other athletes will serve as alternates in the 4x800m relay: Sydney Davis & Melissa Anderson.


Continental League Championships Heat Sheets

Knowing when you're competing, what you are competing in, and where (lane, flight, heat, etc.) you are competing are all part of the important mental prep for this meet. Know who is in your flight, and think of how you may have faired against them in the past, and/or how plan to take them on Friday & Saturday.



This week in CV track, 5.5 - 5.9

Where to put Parker Strahler? Jumps? Hurdles? Sprints? Vault?!? There is so much to choose from.
Photo credit: Alan Versaw at http://co.milepslit.com. 

This is it.
The biggest meet of the year.
Continental League Championships.
We see the teams in this competition a lot, but it is exciting to see it come down to just the 12 of us without any outside interference. We need each athlete's best performance. Reflecting on your goals from the beginning of the season, as we did today, is an important part in the process.
Have you surpassed, or are you on pace for your goal?
What technical aspects need to happen to hit your performance bests?
What can you do this week to help you get to the height of your current potential?

Many of you have put in a lot of hard work to get to this point. Some of you will be going on to compete next week at state. However, the past and present don't really matter here. What matters is your focus and ability to compete on Thursday and Saturday at the height of your abilities. Any coach on this team will help you in whatever way we can.

Here are the logistics for this week's meet:

  • The meet starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday
    • the two day format allows athletes greater rest
    • it also lends flexibility in scheduling
    • should the weather not be ideal on Thursday the competition will be moved to Friday
  • The meet is at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker
  • School excusal and buses
    • Thursday
      • athletes will be out of school at 1:40
      • bus leaves at 2:00
      • athletes can drive themselves
        • must be there 2hrs prior to event
    • Saturday
      • Much different schedule
      • Athletes are expected to be at the meet from beginning to end
        • clear your schedules if necessary
        • meet should be over by 2:30
      • Bus leaves school at 7:20
Savanna Dalton is looking to score big points at this week's league meet. She's been chalking up consistent performances all year long!
Photo credit: Alan Versaw at http://co.milesplit.com

Meet Schedule

            4:00     800m Medley             Girls    Finals
            4:10     4 X 800m Relay          Girls    Finals
            4:25     4 X 800m Relay          Boys   Finals
            4:40     100m Hurdles             Girls    Prelims
            4:50     110m Hurdles             Boys   Prelims
            5:00     100m Dash                  Girls    Prelims
            5:20     100m Dash                  Boys   Prelims
            5:40     3200m Run                 Girls    Faster Heat
            6:00     3200m Run                 Boys   Faster Heat
            6:20     200m Dash                  Girls    Prelims
            6:40     200m Dash                  Boys   Prelims


            4:00     Triple Jump    Girls
                        Long Jump      Boys
                        Shot Put          Girls
                        High Jump      Boys
                        Pole Vault       Girls
                        Discus             Boys


                                    *ALL EVENTS ARE FINALS*

            9:00     100m Hurdles             Girls   
            9:05     110m Hurdles             Boys  
            9:15     100m Dash                  Girls   
            9:20     100m Dash                  Boys  
            9:30     4 X 200 Relay             Girls   
            9:40     4 X 200 Relay             Boys  
            9:50     1600m Run                 Girls   
            10:10   1600m Run                 Boys
            10:30   4 X 100 Relay             Girls
            10:40   4 X 100 Relay             Boys
            10:50   400m Dash                  Girls
            11:10   400m Dash                  Boys
            11:30   300m Hurdles             Girls
            11:50   300m Hurdles             Boys
            12:10   800m Run                   Girls
            12:25   800m Run                   Boys  
            12:40   200m Dash                  Girls
            12:50   200m Dash                  Boys
            1:00     3200m Run                 Girls    Slower Heat
            1:20     3200m Run                 Boys   Slower Heat
            1:40     4 X 400 Relay             Girls
            1:55     4 X 400 Relay             Boys


            9:00     Long Jump      Girls
                        Triple Jump    Boys
                        Discus             Girls
                        Pole Vault       Boys
                        High Jump      Girls
                        Shot Put          Boys
Due to the importance of this meet, both as a League Championship and as the last chance for athletes to qualify for State, we tried to incorporate plenty of time between events in order to give athletes a chance to adequately recover and be ready for their next event(s).  As a result, we will adhere to the starting time for each event and NOT move ahead of schedule.

Meet Entries

Some of these are bound to change so check back. Remember: we are maximizing scoring. It's hard to limit some of you guys to only 4 events. It's a tough, but fun challenge. (Pink type indicates predicted placement in this meet based off your best marks of the season)