2015 Season testing

At the beginning of each season at CVHS we like to start off with some testing. This year year we are doing predictive testing from the USATF (if you're a coach viewing this you can find the test is the USATF Coaching Manual, available here).  In the past our testing has told us a lot. This method of testing told us even more, at least about our sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers, vaulters, and throwers--sorry distance guys, we have to find a good test for you all. Here are the results. We'll discuss how to interpret these results after...

(The results are too large to post here effectively, so click here for results) 

What you're looking at:
  • Blue is boys, yellow is girls
  • All testing results are posted except weight and body fat percentage
  • Far right has the testing results
  • Column labeled "Full Equation" takes into account all of the tests--it is a very complicated formula that I can't even begin to explain
  • Column labeled "Short equation" is an efficient formula that is shorter but equally hard to explain. 
  • Column labeled "Mid Line" is the average of the previous two. I included this because I could tell that the "Full Equation" represented the ability of athletes really well, while the short equation represented some other athletes really well. Instead of deciding which applied to whomever more, I took the "efficient" way out and averaged the two
You are probably asking yourself, "so what?" or "who cares?", or "what do those numbers mean?". Well, take the number from any of the three final columns and find it on these decathlon scoring tables (boys pages 49-96, girls pages 105-164). If you aren't sure if you should use the "Full equation", "Short equation", or "Mid line score" just ask me and I'll try to guide you, but for sake of ease use the midline score.

It is important to note that this test is predictive, and that it basically gives us a picture of what you can do currently. I emphasize currently, because these numbers can always change, and most likely will change over the course of time and training. These tests are also not a guarantee. For example, the test might say that you can throw a shot put 50 feet, but reality says different. The USATF says the test will have a 90% accuracy rate for girls + or - 145 points, and a 90% accuracy rate for boys + or - 151 points.

Let's look at an example: our first person on the list, Kelly Albers, had a Mid line score of 744 (top female score, btw...Congratulations Kelly). If we take that score and find it in the scoring table for the 100 meter hurdles (page 107) we'll see that Kelly would earn 744 points for predictively running a 15.76 second race. In reality Kelly has run a 15.97 second 100 meter hurdle, which shows that for Kelly the score of 744 may be fairly accurate. If we apply the + or - 145 points we'll see that Kelly, at her current ability, would likely run between 14.65 seconds and 16.98 seconds in the 100m hurdles. If we look at the next event in the scoring table, the high jump, an event Kelly has never really done, we see that Kelly would predictively jump 1.60 meters (~5ft 3in), and with the + or - 145 points she'd fall between 1.48m (~4ft 10in) to 1.72m (5ft 7in). We could continue this way throughout the remaining events to find her predicted marks.

At this point I've prattled on for long enough. I hope you get something from this. If you are disappointed in your score, don't be. You are here to grow and get better. If you are a freshman, or if this is your first year doing track  and are disappointed you should see some of the test results from previous years... a lot of the athletes at the top of the list had some struggles when they started too. Keep working hard. We have a good group of athletes this year that are talented, but more importantly are willing to work really hard. After talking with the coaches this week, we are thrilled with what we are seeing from the whole team. It's going to be a good year.


Coach Nack

P.s. if you weren't there for the testing I am not sure when you will make it up, but we'll try to get it in during the next week.