First Practice Tomorrow

Are you ready? I'm ready! Let's get it on!

First practice is tomorrow.
  • Practice begins at 3:15pm 
  • We will meet in Coach Lancett's room, 8400
  • Be dressed out when you come to Lancett's room--Have sweats!!
  • After we go over expectations and the season overview we will head outside
  • Outside we will go through the most important part of practice--the warm-up
  • The body of practice will be a series of stations designed by the coaches' choice
Can't wait to get started. I'm sure I'll be staring at the ceiling all night tonight imagining the season ahead of us. Look forwarding to seeing the athletes I know will be there, but everyone keep talking up T&F to friends and classmates. Perhaps more than any other sport, track falls under the umbrella of "strength in numbers". The more we have the better we are.

Coach Nack


Great meeting!

Well, I have noticed there has been new and more frequent visitors to the site since our parent meeting on Thursday. It was awesome to see such a great turn out from both parents and athletes! Please come here for information in the future, or contact one of the coaches or Jamie Medina as appropriate.

In the previous post, as discussed at the meeting, you will find the Track--2011 calendar, but a wise friend of mine suggested I place a calendar in the bar on the left. I am sure you cannot miss it. There are now 3 schedules on that calendar. I thought it might get confusing, or it might just be better, to have a calendar for the meets at both JV and varsity levels. So there is now a schedule for each: a calendar of all the track teams events (including practices), one for JV meets, and one for varsity meets.

Enough parental and organizational mumbo jumbo (yawn!). For the athletes:

In winter track we have talked quite a bit about a good start and coming out low looking down. Above is a sloooooowww motion video of one of the best in the world. Look how long that drive out of the blocks is!

And Below is what the rest of that run may look like. This is a repeat video of one of my first posts, but this video is worth the repetition (although the first vid didn't have the French guy stepping all over it).


Coach Nack


Castle View Track and Field Schedule

Welcome to all of our new visitors. Below is a calendar detailing our season, but please feel free to contact Coach Lancett or Coach Whitenack if you have any questions.

We look forward to a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, a lot of success, and we hope that we can get as many athletes and parents participating as possible.

Go Sabercats!

Coach Nack