This week in CV track, 4.28-5.3

Sierra Suazo on her way to the shot record
under the watchful eye of Coach Johnston

Another action packed week for us. A goal, an outline of the week, schedules, and entries below...

Goal for this week

To fine tune for next week's league meet, and to be well trained for multi-day competitions like league and state. (There are three varsity meets just this week, and that may lead athletes to think that the coaches' idea is to beat the crap out of you and/or work you to near death, but it is the opposite. Our wish is to prepare you for next week by having you tuned up for your events, focused, and rested. Except strange conditions, no athlete should be in more than 2 of these meets and an absolute maximum of six events.)


  • This day is almost now over. Yay
  • Senior ditch day is gone. I hope all kids were in school or excused by their parents
  • Athletes that went to prom and stayed up all night: your focus is on getting recovered by sleeping a ton in order to be ready for all that we have this week


  • Practice at 3:15
  • CRMS track meet
  • It's dead, finally!!! A new 300m
    hurdle record of 48.48. Great job, Gorham
  • This may be the last practice for some athletes (talk to your event coach about continuing with the team--some may say yes, some no)



  • Practice at 3:15


  • Varsity meet: Pueblo Twilight @ CSU Pueblo's Thunderbowl
    • Competing athletes released at 10:00am, bus leaves at 10:30am
    • All athletes will travel to the meet, and back on the bus
      • Parents, you're more than welcome at the meet, but your kids are with us down there and back
      • Athletes: talk to your teachers about missing class and work being done in your absence
      • This meet goes late. Be prepared. Food, clothes, water.
    • See schedules and entries below



Pueblo Twilight, Friday May 2nd at CSU Pueblo Thunderbowl

Afternoon Session - boys heats will precede girls heats to provide some space between SMR8s and girls 100s
1:00 - SMR8 (girls only)
1:15 - 100s
1:50 - 100H/110H
2:30 - 4x200
2:50 - 800 (three heats per gender)
3:20 - 4x100
3:40 - 400
4:15 - 300H
4:50 - 4x800 (one heat per gender)
5:35 - 200
6:00 - Break (time to visit concessions, buffer if afternoon events run a little late)

Evening Session - schedule shown below is approximate at this time
7:00 - 1600
Girls Heat 1
Boys Heat 1
Girls Heat 2
Boys Heat 2
Girls Heat 3
Boys Heat 3
Girls Heat 4
Boys Heat 4
8:15 - 4x400 (3 heats per gender)
8:45 - 3200 
Girls Heat 1
Boys Heat 1
Girls Heat 2
Boys Heat 2
Girls Heat 3
Boys Heat 3

Field Events:

1 PM Start - Boys TJ, SP, Girls DT, LJ, HJ

3:45 PM Start - Boys DT, LJ, HJ, Girls TJ, SP

Highlands Ranch Memorial Invitational, Saturday May 3rd at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker

Meet Schedule:
Coaches Meeting: 8:45 am by the Athletic Garage
Field Events will Begin at 9:15 am
Pole Vault Boys followed by Girls
Triple Jump Girls followed by Boys 
Long Jump Boys followed by Girls
High Jump Boys followed by Girls
Shot Put Girls followed by Boys
Discus Boys followed by Girls

Running Events
9:30am Girls 800 Sprint Medley
9:40 3200 Meter Relay 
10:05 100/110 Hurdles 
10:30 100 Meter Dash 
10:55 800 Meter Relay 
11:15 1600 Meter Run 
11:40 400 Meter Relay 
12:10 400 Meter Run 
12:30 300 Meter Hurdles 
12:55 800 Meter Run 
1:15 200 Meter Dash 
1:45 ParaOlympics 100 Meter Dash 
1:55 3200 Meter Run 
2:15 1600 Meter Relay 
2:30 Awards and Results in the Press Box

We will make every effort to run ahead of schedule.


As always these may change as the week goes on. Check back.

Post-prom, post-Liberty Bell, new week post

Weekend wrap up

Nothing like the Liberty Bell to help you learn where your strengths are as a track team. Nice job to all those that competed. We learned a lot about what we have as far as a team goes. It is extremely hard to do well at the Liberty Bell, and I think for the most part we fared well.

Great showing to those that went to Palmer Ridge as well. A lot of the athletes that showed up went home with some new PRs. Most of those came in some pretty stiff winds. Isabell Castillo, had a huge day: 1st in the triple jump, made finals in her first time doing the long jump,  and a new PR of 65.35 in the 400. Nice job Isabell, and all the rest. Keep working hard.

Prom goers, I hope you had a fantastic and safe time. If you were up all night you need to put a lot of focus on recovering this week.

Liberty Bell Pictures

Once again, Ms. Mueller has taken some fantastic pictures. Check them out below. Also, go to the Meet pictures tab and check out all the images from this seasons varsity meets.


Pre-prom open thread

Feast your eyes below kiddies, for we have provided you a glimpse into our former years of awesomeness that helped pave the way to whom we are today.

This is an open thread, which basically means you are more than invited to leave your comments. All (appropriate ones) will be posted. Do your best (or worst, even).

You may want to play this as you go through this thread

Coach Johnston and his courtess, Sarah Honkington

I'm...speechless, but once   twice   thrice   final

Coach Wardell and her beau, Graham Wellington

Nothing quite says budding romance like a back ground of steamy sewer lines and a tug boat's trail of exhaust

Coach Cook and her fella, Will Lasso

Four for the price of one! What a treat Coach Cook has given us.
Will Lasso had to play a gig before the dance, but according to all reports they had a great time.

Coach Whitenack and his enchantress, Beverly Sullivan

Sure this is a homecoming pic, but I couldn't repeat again. Try here for a prom pic I posted 2 years ago.
The look on my face might say constipated, but the cardigan and collarless shirt screamed party. Once again, I out kicked my coverage with my date--much, MUCH too good for me.

Coach Kriz and his date, Becky from the 90s Sitcom Full House

Uncle Jesse might have been mad, but Kriz might have been a star himself, just not sure which one...

Coach Munoz and his date, Darlene Pepsi

Any Saved by the Bell fans out there? AC Slater, anyone? 

Coach Kuhn with his squeeze, Cheyanne Mankiller

No one wants to  be seen in this picture, other than Kuhn. I'm sure it's just coincidence...

Coach Harris

I'd personally give a week's lunch money to see this one, and I hope you feel the same way.

Coach Pfeiffer

He said there was no way he was going through his storage to find one. If I know one thing, you guys can be very persuasive (if not also manipulative, coercive, pestering, unfair, and perhaps even a little evil). I bet a strong force could make it happen. You are our only hope.


Coach Nack


Week of 4.21 to 4.26

1. Julie Mackin comes from behind to overtake the competition at the DRHS Invite on Saturday.
2. I Really don't want to seem unsportsmanlike or anything, but what are Wheat Ridge's hips and feet doing? Try to find pictures of yourself from our meet pictures and see how your form looks. Pictures of yourself in competition can be helpful.
3. Check out all the great pics from the meet on the Meet Pictures tab at the top. I added a new feature that puts the latest meet into a slideshow.
We have another chock-a-block full week ahead of us. It becomes all the more important during these busy, stressful, event-filled weeks that athletes are resting really well at night--remember: you make your improvements in rest periods following workouts, and not during the workouts themselves. Eat a lot, too (preferably healthy, but most of all, eat!). Drink an ocean of water everyday.

We just finished today off, and I can't speak for everyone but I can confidently say that it was the best day the 400/800 group has had this season. Really good work put in by Ryan, Nico, Sydney D, Sydney C, Lauren P, Jackson C, Brian C, Sam W, and Isabell C. It was long, but they all maintained the quality throughout the whole thing. All this work is going to amount to something good.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a CRMS meet on our track. Go Knights! A few athletes will be tasked with helping, but most will be completing their workouts somewhere off the track.

Wednesday we will practice as normal until about 5pm, and then at that point we will break off and do our 10k relay to celebrate the end of our fundraising efforts.

Thursday we have our JV championship meet at Regis Jesuit High School.
  • Attending athletes will be released at 215pm
  • Bus leaves at 230pm
  • No return bus, so athletes need to set up a ride home before attending the meet
  • Most JV athletes will still have 1 more meet next week
Friday we have the first day of the two-day Liberty Bell Invitational at Litteleton Public Schools stadium.
  • No school this day, so no early release
  • No JV practice
  • Athletes attending prom should be taking care of all prom issues so they can be at the meet by 330
  • Bus leaves from CV at 230pm
  • No return bus
  • Another split varsity meet
    • One group will be at the 2nd day of the Liberty Bell Invitational
      • Bus leaves at 815
      • No return bus
      • Athletes attending prom must be in attendance until 2pm
    • A second group will compete at the Palmer Ridge Invitational
      • No bus there or back
  • Prom
    • The coaches hope you guys have a ton of fun. Prom is a really fun experience when you attend with the right group of people
    • Please be safe and make smart choices
    • You will most likely stay up long into the night--please sleep a ton on Sunday to recover...ignore your parents pleas to wake up as much as possible
    • (Monday is senior ditch day--a rite of passage to many. If you are absent from school make sure you are excused. Make doubly sure you are not absent from practice.)


Palmer Ridge Invitational

9:00 am Girls triple 
Girls High Jump
Boys Long 
Boys Shot
Girls Disc 
Boys Vault 

11:30am Boys Triple Jump
Boys High Jump
Girls Long Jump
Girls Shot
Boys Disc
Girls Vault 


9:15 Finals Girls 800 Sprint Medley 
9:25 Finals Girls 4 x 800 Relay
9:40 Finals Boys 4 x 800 Relay 
10:00 Finals Girls 100 Hurdles
10:20 Finals Boys 110 Hurdles
10:35 Finals Girls 100
10:45 Finals Boys 100
10:55 Finals Girls 4x200 Relay 
11:05 Finals Boys 4x200 Relay 
11:15 Finals Girls 1600 Run 
11:40 Finals Boys 1600 Run 
12:15 Finals Girls 4x100 Relay 
12:25 Finals Boys 4x100 Relay 
12:35 Finals Girls 400 
12:50 Finals Boys 400 
1:20 Finals Girls 300 Hurdles 
1:35 Finals Boys 300 Hurdles 
1:45 Finals Girls 800 
2:05 Finals Boys 800 
2:15 Finals Girls 200
2:25 Finals Boys 200
2:35 Finals Girls 3200
3:05 Finals Boys 3200
3:35 Finals Girls 4x400 
3:45 Finals Boys 4x400

Liberty Bell Invitational 

         If possible, we will get ahead of schedule on Friday, but will adhere to the schedule Saturday
*all events girls first followed by boys
Friday, April 25
4:30 3200 fast sections final
5:00 100H prelim
5:25 110H prelim
5:50 100 prelim
6:35 400 prelim
7:25 300H prelim
8:05 200 prelim
Saturday. April 26 *all events finals
10:00 Sprint Medley (1-1-2-4)
10:20 4x800
10:55 100H
11:00 110H
11:05 Para 100
11:10 100
11:15 4x200
11:55 1600
Lunch break
1:30 4x100
2:05 400
2:15 300H
2:25 800
3:05 Para 200
3:10 200
3:15 3200 (slow sections)
3:50 1600R 
Friday 4:30           //     Saturday 10:30
  Girls pole vault  //        Boys pole vault
  Boys high jump //        Girls high jump
  B/G long jump   //          B/G triple jump
  Boys shot put    //           Girls shot put
  Girls discus       //               Boys disc


Check back throughout the week for entries. Some athletes that have been running varsity may be attending the JV meet this week instead of, or coupled with running at a varsity meet. This may be because we are putting some focus on this JV championship meet, or because of how we plan to run our varsity league meet in two weeks. This week you may be better off competing at our JV championship and the 6 teams that will be there.


Saturday's schedules, entries, and other info

Click here for Jaguar Invite heat sheets

Click here for Dakota Ridge Invite heat sheets

Christian Mueller with a view of the track few of us ever experience.

We have two varsity meets for athletes to attend this week. The only way that this is possible is by having really good communication, which involves the athlete as a listener/viewer. Thankfully we have this wonderful technology to help. Refer back to this post when you have questions...

The Jaguar Invitational

This meet is at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker. Entries for this meet are at the bottom.

Mack Pettit nailing the school record (5'5"), which Ms. Mueller caught from a distance.
The tent serves as scale for the height of her jump.

Dakota Ridge Invitational

This meet is at JeffCo Stadium at 6th and Kipling. This is where the state meet is, which is one of the main reasons we go to this meet.

9:00 €”Girls 100 M High Hurdles (Prelims)
9:20 €”Boys 110 M High Hurdles (Prelims)
9:40 €”Girls 100 M Dash (Prelims)
10:00 €”Boys 100 M Dash (Prelims)
10:20 €”Girls 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 1-Invite)
10:40 €”Boys 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 1-Invite)
10:55 €”Girls 200 M Dash (Prelims)
11:15 €”Boys 200 M Dash (Prelims)
11:45 €”Girls 800 M Medley (Finals Heats v Time)
12:00 €”Girls 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals-1 Heat)
12:15 €”Boys 4 x 800 M Relay (Finals-1 Heat)
12:30 €”Girls 100 M High Hurdles (Finals-1 Heat)
12:40 €”Boys 110 M High Hurdles (Finals-1 Heat)
12:50 €”Girls 100 M Dash (Finals-1 Heat)
1:00 €”Boys 100 M Dash (Finals-1 Heat)
1:10 €”Girls 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:25 €”Boys 4 x 200 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:40 €”Girls 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
1:55 €”Boys 1600 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:10 €”Girls 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:25 €”Boys 4 x 100 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:40 €”Girls 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
2:55 €”Boys 400 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:10 €”Girls 300 M LH (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:25 €”Boys 300 M HH (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:40 €”Girls 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
3:55 €”Boys 800 M Run (Finals-Heats v Time)
4:10 €”Girls 200 M Dash (Finals-1 Heat)
4:25 €”Boys 200 M Dash (Finals-1 Heat)
4:40 €”Girls 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 2)
4:55 €”Boys 3200 M Run (Finals-Heat 2)
5:10 €”Girls 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)
5:25 €”Boys 4 x 400 M Relay (Finals-Heats v Time)

9:00 €”Girls Pole Vault, Girls Triple Jump, Girls High Jump, Boys High Jump, Boys Long Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus.

12:30 €”Boys Pole Vault, Boys Triple Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus.

--We may run ahead so pay close attention to the schedule


Below are the entries. You only have to worry about the first two sheets this week, but feel free to explore the other sheet links as well because results from previous meets are on them (the sheets are the blue links at the bottom). These entries will update through the week, so check back to see changes.

Coach Nack


Friday's TJ Twilight schedule + entries

Athletes are released from class at 1:25, and the bus will leave at 1:45

The meet is at All City Stadium, which is part of Denver South High School, and adjacent to Washington Park. Directions from CVHS

TJ Twilight
330800m SMRGravesSteinkeStathakisMackin
3504x800m Relay----
420100m HurdlesPettitAlbersGorham
450100m dashSteinkeS. TaylorAlbers
5204x200m Relay----
5451600m RunAnderson5:50Arbogast6:05
6154x100m RelayMackinSteinkeS. TaylorGraves
640400m RunHajdeCastilloSherman
710300m HurdlesGorham
735800m RunDalton, K2:27Johnson2:32
800200m DashCastillo28.7MackinSteinke
8303200m RunDalton, S11:41
9004x400 Relay----
400High Jumppettit5'4"Tori Wildman??4'5"
345Long JumpGraves17Albers14Tori Woodman14
615Triple JumpGraves35'4"Pettit34Isabel Castillo31'10
630Pole VaultStathakis11'4"Cenusa7'6"
545Shot PutAlbersSuazoBrown
3404x800m Relay----
405110m HurdlesStrahlerWilson
435100m dashE. JacksonLinninHardin
5054x200m Relay----
5351600m RunBarton4:37Bean4:53Encinias5:01
6004x100m Relay----
630400m RunChase???Schreffler
655300m HurdlesStrahlerHermanstorferWilson
725800m RunHall2:07StrozBarton2:05
745200m DashE. JacksonD. Wilson
8153200m RunFreeman10:23Juare11:06Cauble11:14
8454x400 RelayBeanChase???HallStroz
615High Jumplinnin6'2"clark6'1"
615Long JumpStrahler20'8"Matt Clark20'4"Bevan Haycock17
345Triple JumpMatt ClarkBevan Haycock36
400Pole VaultMueller14'0.5"Strahler10'0"
545Shot PutKlosBarstadHardin