2013 State Track Time Schedule

Embedded below is the time schedule for the state meet. This meet is on Thursday and Friday, which are school days, so non-seniors need to talk with their teachers about work they may be missing. I know this can be a hassle, and might not be academically responsible, but if you don't compete until Later on Thursday, or even until Friday or Saturday, I recommend you arrive at the stadium early on Thursday. It's a great place to be with lots of energy and excitement--it will help you to get acclimated to the environment. Almost every school in the state from 1A to 5A is represented there, so it is of course a busy place. It's a really neat experience and I'm glad I get to share it with this group of athletes.

Athletes will transport themselves to the meet, and will arrive at least 1.5hrs before their event. I recommend leaving a minimum of 50 minutes to get to JeffCo Stadium (6th and Kipling) from Castle Rock.

I've highlighted in yellow the events we are sure to be in, and in blue the events that we need to qualify for finals in.

DELETED 1/29/14