JV meet results and ThunderRidge Invite entries

The Sabercat track and field team had a good performance in tough conditions today. The boys came in 2nd place to Chaparral, and the girls finished in first with 104pts (the next closest was Chaparral with 61). Great job to those that stayed and did all the events they could. Those actions make champions!

There were a good number of performances that were noteworthy, but I want to point out one that I think was truly unique. I think we have a decathlete in the making! Cole Oster (he's-a-freshman), helped guide his 4x100m team to victory today, and shortly after that ran to a 2nd place finish in the 800m. That is a combination you don't see very often ladies and gentlemen. Also, throw in the fact that he did high jump today, and the combination is all the more impressive. Keep up the hard work, Cole!

As an event group I'd like to congratulate the pole vaulters. They shut out the other teams completely. The girls had 13pts, and the boys had 16. Those are some big-time points. Nice job PVers!
Not all meets are like this one was today, weather-wise. Warmer days lie ahead.

ThunderRidge Invite Entries