Schedule for week, 3.21 - 3.16.2016, Spring Break week

A few notes to start.
First, I want to mention the above picture, or more like the person that took it. Ann Mueller is a parent from last year's team that has volunteered to once again take some great pictures of our team when she can. She took a whole bunch at our League Relays varsity meet on Saturday, March 12th and posted them to her SmugMug site. You can view those pictures here. Thank you, Ann!
Next, we have 40+ athletes that still need to turn in their fundraising. Get those in to me at a Spring break practice this week.
And last, Spring break practice is for everyone. We want every athlete that is town there for practice. Last year a couple of parents believed (probably by their kids' persuasion) that practice was only for varsity athletes. That could not be more wrong. We hope to see as many athletes as possible. Please see the schedules below
Practice Schedule:
  • Most events practice at 9am
  • Meet on track everyday unless otherwise notified
  • Athletes must attend 3 practices to compete on Saturday, and at least 1 for the events they want to compete in
  • Sprinters, Distance, Hurdlers, LJ/TJers, Vaulters
  • Throwers will be in the afternoon at 3:20pm
  • High jumpers have a varied schedule.
    • Monday: 9am
    • Tuesday 10:30
    • Wednesday 12:30
    • Thursday 9am
    • Friday 12:30
  • Broomfield Shootout at Broomfield High School
  • Running events start at 9:30 with an elite heat of boys and girls 3200m runs
  • Field events start at 9:00am
  • Bus leaves: 6:45am
  • All athletes must ride the bus to the meet
  • Athletes can leave with a parent, but are encouraged to stay the entire meet
  • There is a return bus